Hi everyone! I am a math instructor at Fresno State where I teach math to future elementary school teachers. I love teaching and I love learning. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy playing the piano, watching gymnastics, spinning rifle/sabre, and watching Parks and Recreation.

I try to share all of my teaching tips, memes, and TikTok math explainer videos on this website because my goal is to make more people love math and to make education in general more humanizing. I hope at least one of my tips help you, and please let me know if it does!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and/or TikTok (@howie_hua) for daily math memes, teaching tips, and/or explainer videos.

If you found any of my tips useful and/or would like to buy me some veggie burgers, my Venmo is “meowy-wowie-howie”. Thank you!