Collaborative Online Tests

I, probably like many other teachers, worried about students cheating on tests when we moved to an online structure. Here is one testing method that I did last semester:

I gave students their test on a Google Slide deck, 5 questions, one on each slide, and they are to answer it to the best of their ability. After three days, they have two days to create a new Google Slide deck with their group members and post their individual solution on each slide, and then the next slide, create a 2×2 table, each group member picks a quadrant, and explains which explanation for that specific problem they liked the best and why. If they made a mistake, explain what their mistake was and what they learned.

Here’s an example of what one group said in one of their question reflections:

If you want to see example slides of what the individual and collaborative tests look like, here are links to what they would look like:



It’s not perfect, but I do like the collaborative aspect of this. Students knowing that others will see their work might motivate them to have stronger explanations.

Let me know if this inspired you to do something like this! Thank you for reading.