End-of-Semester Video

This is kind of a depressing post, but I often wonder how I am going to be remembered. I hope that students see me more than just “a math teacher” but rather someone that really cares about them as a person outside of their abilities in math. I decided to make kind of a “last lecture” video where I would give them three life lessons that I’ve learned. Of course, this is just an extra video that doesn’t really replace any content time, but rather a “here’s an extra video I made if you want to watch it.” I intend to do this every semester, and I am confident that the three lessons that I give them will change since I’m still growing and learning.

Here is the video from last semester if you want to watch it:

Let me know if you decide to do an end-of-semester (or end-of-course) video for your class. Thanks for reading.