My Three Promises

I’m all about being explicit not just in the classroom but in life in general. As someone who has anxiety and spends way too much time interpreting what someone’s words meant, I figured I owe it to others to be as explicit as possible so there’s not too much room for interpretation. Additionally, since we are all online for the upcoming semester, I wanted my students to see my face as much as possible to try to make it not too much of a stretch from being in the classroom. I asked myself “What should my first video be about?” and decided to talk about my three promises that I will make to them this upcoming semester.

My three promises for my students are:

  1. I will honor your thinking.
  2. I will be approachable and accessible.
  3. By the end of this course, I will show you that you are good at math.

Please watch the video for a deeper explanation of the three promises that I will send my students before the semester starts:

What are three promises that you will give to your students? Let me know on Twitter (@howie_hua) if you create a video like this!