My “Which One Doesn’t Belong” Exercises

The Which One Doesn’t Belong (WODB) website was created by Mary Bourassa ( and some great WODB activities can be found at

I really enjoy creating these exercises for students so here are a couple that I made. Please check out the comments to these (after you made your decision of which one doesn’t belong first)!

One implementation of WODB that I learned from John Stevens ( is to put one student in the middle of the room and have students defend why theirs is the best out of the four to that student in the middle. I have done this with several classes and I really enjoy the conversations and the atmosphere of the room. One time when I did this, the student in the middle chose one corner for the sole reason that their corner was the only one that looked at her (rather than at me). This made students realize that it’s not about impressing me as much as impressing the person in the middle.

And if you’re a gymnastics fan like me…

I hope this inspires you to make some WODB exercises or at least look at Mary Bourassa’s page for more!

Thanks for reading.