Tips of the Day

I start every class session (beside test days) with a Tip of the Day. I took a Dinosaurs Writing class in my undergrad and the instructor did a Tip of the Day with writing tips and I really enjoyed it so I decided to do it in my class as well. It’s one activity that helps build structure in my class. For me, tips can consist of math, teaching, or life tips. Sometimes it directly relates to the lesson and other times, it’s just an epiphany that came to mind while driving to class. I tell students to dedicate the first two pages of their notebooks for these tips just so all of them are organized in one section.

Here are some of my and my students’ favorites:

If you are curious about what math tips of the day I share with my students, these are when I share the “why?” in common math “tricks” such as “Why do we flip the second and multiply when dividing fractions?” or “Why does the product of two negative numbers equal a positive number?”

When I asked students to share their favorite tip of the day, the vast majority of them mentioned tips that relate to their mental health or just an overall mindset change. I don’t really recall many instructors that I had (besides maybe my band instructors) that share life or mindset tips but I think students appreciate that you care about them outside of their math ability. We all have experiences whose morals can help students, so go ahead and share them. You never know when your message will resonate with students.

Let me know if this inspired you to do tips of the day with students. Thank you for reading.